Building core employability skills and ethical productive mindsets


FEA facilitators are dynamic individuals, working at the grass-root level in FEA branches. Facilitators are the backbone of the FEA program and every day they strive to develop positive relationships with their students, supporting, nurturing and mentoring them towards the completion of the program and helping the students make their way towards a successful career.

What you bring:

What we bring:


FEA provides intensive and ongoing training and support through its in-house staff training academy. Our staff training program has been designed to grow talent and empower staff to become excellent facilitators, leaders and assume management position both at branch and the head office levels.


The 24 days induction program covers Book 1 and 2 of the FEA curriculum. This rigorous selection cum development program is designed to nurture and grow basic facilitation, communication and management skills required at our branches.


The curriculum trainings train participants on the content and approach to intermediate and advanced level. These trainings also help build professional learning communities at our branches where staff work together in teams to problem solve and work towards improving their facilitation, inter-personal and facilitation skills.


Our monthly leadership workshops help FEA staff develop both professionally and personally and prepare them to take on leadership positions within the organization


Our language development program helps staff gain proficiency and fluency in English language.


Iram Ayyub

The trainings at FEA allow me to explore myself, demonstrate my capabilities and to lead.

Manisha Gurtoo

Trainings and Workshops have made me a more confident person

Rajiv Pal

My English communication has improved as I got an opportunity to talk to different people.

Aas Mohammad

These trainings have changed my perspective towards the world.

Mary Reshu

FEA trainings have helped me develop my personality and a positive attitude towards people.


FEA promotes from within

FEA is deeply committed to nurturing its staff and preparing them for greater responsibilities and promotions.
Employees join us as Facilitators and based on merit and performance are promoted to Deputy Branch Manager, Branch Manager, Associate Territory Manager, Territory Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager etc. There are also other opportunities for promotion into Staff Training, Audit, Evaluation and IT Departments.