Whether you want to be a student, a staff member, or collaborate on academic research, there are opportunities to get involved with FEA.


FEA provides free, intensive English training to prepare students for professional jobs. In addition, FEA provides students the opportunity to develop skills such as critical thinking, self-awareness, patience, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Students attend one hour and forty-five minute classes 6 days a week, for the program duration of 52 weeks. Class sizes are limited to 20 students, and Our branches are located in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.


There are two important things to know about working with FEA: we consider our employees our most important asset, and we encourage our employees to have fun! See pictures here.

In addition to an attractive salary package, we provide intensive and ongoing training to employees, as well as opportunities to be playful and enjoy being part of the FEA community.

We are actively hiring English Facilitators for our free English classes (morning and evening shifts.) Click here for class locations.

If you have strong spoken English skills and are motivated to work with us, please send your CV to:


FEA is a charitable and secular organization. We offer volunteering opportunities in the following areas:

Guest speaking to share your professional expertise

Community action

Providing training in communication skills, soft skills, grooming, and personal development

If you have been working for at least ten years in any particular field, please send us a brief description of your work experience. If you are currently a student, please send us the address of the Institutions and a list of the courses you have attended in the last five years.

Our branches are dispersed over New Delhi, Mathura Aligarh, and Agra, and you may choose locations that you are able to reach on your own. Our list of class locations is here. Email us at to get started.

Work With Us

Whether you are interested in becoming a student, staff member, or conducting research with FEA, we are happy to hear from you.