Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.

FEA is introducing Data Annotation as a service offering operated by low income rural youth.

FEA Data Annotation Project objective

Create a Data Annotation Certification program in association with EduNATION.

Upskill rural youth in India by giving them training in data annotation.

Provide technology, industry and corporate exposure to rural youth.

Create job opportunities for the skilled candidates in rural India.


Become a pioneering design partner and leave your mark on many lives

Partnership Benefits

We will create a pool of trained workforce to accelerate your manual data tagging.

We will provide you quality data annotation by precisely labeling each data point.

We will ensure lower attrition rate as rural candidates like job stability.

We will do data annotation for you for 1 MONTH at NO COST.

How can you assist Rural Young adults?

By helping our candidates in further training.

By providing us with Sample Data annotated by experts.

By giving us manual Data Tagging Projects.

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Contact Us

Apoorva Chaudhary
Email: apoorva.chaudhary@feaindia.org