Building EMPLOYABILITY for Disadvantaged Youth

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Freedom English Academy (FEA)

FEA provides FREE large-scale coaching for professional jobs to disadvantaged youth in India

FEA’s one-year curriculum is designed to provide a transformative experience at an impressionable life-stage. It awakens and empowers disadvantaged youth with life-long skills that are crucial to success.

FEA was incepted in 2010 and we have a pool of 100,000+ alums




Intensive English

English language skills, to a level that makes one effective in the workplace. Taught using a method of debate and discovery. Students attend classes for one hundred minutes a day, six days a week for one year.

Interpersonal Skills

Personality, character and life skills - including drive, self-confidence, perseverance, growth mindset, adaptability, discipline, conscientiousness, resilience, self-reliance, ethics and a sense of community.

Lifelong Learning

We leverage Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Khan Academy, Coursera, Edx and EduCity etc. in a classroom setting to give students a path to lifelong learning using global sources via the internet.


Disadvantaged youth don’t have many role models to look up to. Mentorship by a successful and mature adult who can be a role model serves this need. Our mentors are located all over the world.

Help hardworking youth pull themselves out of poverty


Power of English to Reshape India and empower disabled youth
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Deepak Chopra and Prem Talreja of FEA talk to India-West about the alleviating poverty through education
FEA Founder and CEO, Deepak Chopra joins Indiaspora as a patron
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Deepak’s lifelong mission is to develop effective and scalable solutions for poverty alleviation and help disadvantaged youth bootstrap themselves out of the cycle of poverty.
Indians For Collection Action (ICA) takes FEA as a project
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We are pleased that a well established non-profit like Indians for Collective Action has agreed to support FEA Project.
Mentor Sukhi Lamba visited FEA branch in India
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Our Mentors are welcome to visit FEA branches. It is inspiring to the students and the mentors. To arrange a visit contact Vijaya at
FEA student, Rohit Sarkar improve focus in photography and in life
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See how FEA has impacted Rohit and others enabling them to follow their dreams
Donors Increase their contribution with employer matching
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Many of our donors taking advantage of donor matching program at Apple, Microsoft, VMWare, eBay and hundreds more
India-West interviews Deepak Chopra, Founder & CEO Of FEA
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Teaching a low-income child in India to speak English can allow a youngster to participate in the formal economy and contribute to India’s rapidly-growing economy, said Deepak Chopra.

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We are on a Mission to coach millions of disadvantaged youth, empowering them to more than double their income

Our Program

The program we offer students is free of charge. Our students attend a one hour and forty minute class six days a week, for the program duration of 52 weeks. Our class size is limited to 20 students. Our branches are located in New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. We are expanding our reach by making our technology and intellectual property freely available for anyone to use anywhere in the developing world.

Join as a Mentor and make a tremendous IMPACT!