FEA helps Rohit improve focus in photography and in life

Rohit was the third son born to Vijendra and Guddi. Like his father before him, Vijendra sold tea from his modest shop in Agra. Both parents worked hard to afford the best education for their children. 

To support his family, Rohit decided to work with a photographer. He went to school during the day and worked at shoots during the night, making about ₹50 (70¢) at a time. He had to carry wires and all sorts of heavy equipment. However, being a sharp observer, Rohit started picking up the tricks of the trade. 

After saving up some money, Rohit purchased his first camera and started taking independent projects. However, he struggled to interact and negotiate with his clients, especially in English. He had run into a wall. 

Around the same time, Rohit was introduced to FEA by a friend. Over the course of a year, his facilitators, Shalini and Yash, worked tirelessly with Rohit to develop his confidence and language skills. He made excellent progress.

As a result of this transformation, Rohit’s business took off and he began to command a higher fee and greater respect among his clients and community. His success has made his parents and FEA proud and his father’s tea just a little sweeter! 

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