Who Would Have Thought…?

While I was walking down the road to catch a bus, someone came up running behind me and stopped me in my track.
He looked familiar but I could not place him, and the boy introduced himself as Rahul Kumar, a student of Samaspur branch of FEA. Rahul reminded me that he had attended a Book Discussion that I had conducted at his branch. It was a pleasant surprise to see him speaking confidently.

Rahul is the first member of his family to go to college and his grandparents would like to see him perform in English on stage during the college event. When we met the other day, he greeted me and requested me to recommend an English song that he can perform on stage in his college.

With the humdrum of a public bus stop around me, it was a treat listening to him share about his life in college. He explained how it was a contrast to his days in the government school where he neither had the opportunity nor the confidence to speak in English. A little more than a year of practice at FEA has resulted in a huge difference in his life. He is the go-to person for his peers in college who need assistance during the English lecture. I noticed that he was using phrases liberally and appropriately, as he spoke. I laughed out loud when he asked, pointing at the plastic bag in my hand, “What are you carrying in this plastic bag? Plastics are non-biodegradable.” Never before had I loved being corrected for my behavior! Never before did I have such an enriching conversation at a bus stop!

Just before my bus arrived, he said sagaciously, “Sir, there are many such Rahuls for whom FEA has been a life-changing platform. To speak a global language is a source of tremendous joy.”

Students like Rahul make all the young leaders at FEA believe more firmly that destiny changes when we work hard.

Avishek Singh
Curriculum Manager

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