There were times I felt like quitting. Pressure of exams, temptation to enjoy a cricket match or the joy of travel during summer holidays tempted me to skip classes. However, there was something that kept inspiring me to attend FEA regularly. I have attended tuition classes, coaching centers and private organization claiming to teach English. Some even claiming to make you a fluent speaker within a month. Lured by such advertisements, we end up paying hefty amounts, only to realize that shortcuts don’t work. And in contrast, we have this high quality FEA program offered to all for free.

When I first saw the blue flex board about classes to learn English that too for free, conflicting thoughts popped in my head – it sounded too good to be true. Based on my past experiences, I would have certainly ignored it. But destiny had something else in store for me. With a bit of courage and uncertainty, I stepped inside the FEA classroom. Since then there has been no looking back. Each day has held a new surprise. The classroom teaching-learning was so engaging and interesting that rarely did I feel like skipping a class. In FEA classroom you find people of all ages, trying to get better at English. Trying to express themselves in a language which is indispensable in the world today, a language that they have been exposed to for so many years yet cannot communicate in it.

I have enjoyed my FEA classes. FEA allowed me to express myself, in English, always. Everyday activities, discussion, debates and role plays made me learn and become more confident. There were days when I felt that now I know English perfectly, the very next day, FEA gave me something new to learn. This fresh and unique learning atmosphere motivated me to be regular.

My BSc. examination dates were announced and exams were to be held from March 6 to March 24 March at Allahabad. When I reached Allahabad on March 4, I got to know that the exams were postponed to March 12. I returned to Delhi on March 5 because I did not want to miss my FEA classes. I attended FEA sessions till March 9 and went to Allahabad the next day.

When there was a gap of a few days between two exams, I returned to Delhi to attend FEA classes. I know that this skills will be helpful to me when I have to juggle different responsibilities. It’s a life skill.

I believe that it is a myth that if I attend FEA, I cannot prepare for my exams. In fact learning at FEA complements academic learning.

As a graduate of FEA, I would like to advise all current students to be regular and participative to see a lasting, positive change in themselves.

Story of Satyendra Pandey (Student) told by Anisha Mondal (Branch Manager)- Baljeet Nagar

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