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Awanti Sambarey

“My experience with FEA has been truly transformative, to say the least. The best part of the experience was interacting with the students. I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with their ambitions, despite their lack of exposure to their fields of interest. It was a good experience, & I got to learn a lot from the students. I think it was validating for the students to have people believe in them, and I really appreciate the initiative taken by FEA to support their dreams.”

Syam Prasad Anand

“When I learnt about FEA, I immediately volunteered. FEA mentoring is just 1 hour per month. This is all they ask for. Mentoring gives me a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This is helping me as well. It is the need to 'give back'. I feel that the cause for which FEA stands and its purpose is very appealing to everyone. The sincerity of people who lead it encourages mentors like me to spread the word and ask more people to volunteer.”

Shubham Bansal

“I would like to thank FEA for considering me as a part of their mentorship program and providing a platform to interact & guide the students. Mentoring sessions were very interactive & enriching. Even I learned multiple things from these young and bright kids I thank FEA to make me part of their family and letting me contribute for the betterment of the society. I would really ask other professionals to come forward to be part of the FEA mentorship program.”

Rajamani Selvam

“My first impression, Both the girls and the boys have big ambitions in life. Irrespective of their financial or familial situations, they are very hardworking and diligent. They are a wonderful group of kids who are optimistic that they “can” pursue their dreams and have a bright future. Spending an hour every month with the students gave me immense joy to guide them in their career of choice. I am honoured and extremely happy to be a part of the FEA mentoring program.”

Rohan Khadilkar

“Mentoring at FEA has been an exhilarating and enriching experience. The mentorship program has been carefully crafted for developing necessary skillsets in the youth. The format for the online sessions is interactive and discussion based; giving mentors a chance to give a personal touch to the mentoring sessions. My personal experience with FEA, It is a great learning. It has helped me build patience and become a good listener.”

Sutapa Maity

“FEA is doing an excellent job by providing with English learning exposure to the young students of India where English is the second language. I admire the philanthropy of FEA. I admire the FEA teachers who are motivating the students & are trying to bring the best out of those students. The students are hardworking & motivated. With the above three values they could go anywhere they chose to go. Only the sky is the limit. I wish FEA with continued success”

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