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Life. Life has its way to twist and turn things. It also has its way of making sense. Every unexpected turn that we have to take is almost like a leap of faith, we take it with fear and hope. There are 99 reasons to not do something and yet sometimes just 1 reason is enough to overpower the rest. That is how my journey with FEA began. It began with the thought, “maybe not.” But I gave it a shot, and it changed me. It made me better and it still continues to do so.

When I joined the induction training, I did not know what I would come across or what I would learn. I was blank. When it started, what I experienced was completely unexpected, everything was a realization or a revelation. I had never learned with a smile or laughter before!!

The little things in life that we take for granted are the ones that can make a huge difference. In our training. Observation of these invisible entities can bring great change, and every day I try to look for these ‘little’ things in my center, students, and surroundings.

During my first center visit, it was all good but I was unsure if I wanted to do the job. I thought I would decide after the training. On my second center visit, things had changed, I was not questioning the job or the work anymore. I was questioning myself – was I good enough for the job? It was something I had not seen in my entire life or experienced – learning that is beautiful, fun and progressive. It was all at once and could seem nothing at first because it was not about teaching others or developing others…it was about nurturing everyone. It was not just about the students, it was about me too…..my students are not the only ones growing and learning but I am growing too, I am learning too.

Photo Credit: http://whartonmagazine.com/
Photo Credit: http://whartonmagazine.com/

As a facilitator, there is a lot to learn – processed, methodologies from my seniors. There are things that I learn during my sessions, with the students sitting in front of me, some eager to ask questions and others who are shy. When I read their expressions and mold my ways according to their understanding, I learn about people, about their understanding, and about their problems. I feel happy when they smile and nostalgic about my school days when they are enthusiastic and mischievous. And every time I see them progressing, it feels like it’s my progress. It is my progress.

The mission of Freedom Employability Academy has really touched my heart. The goal to create a thought process that is independent; that thinks for building a better future; that is not a blind follower but an active thinker, is a very noble objective and I’m pleased to be a part of it.

My journey with FEA, as a trainee and as a facilitator, has been highly unexpected. It has been wonderful and every tiny experience took me by surprise. It has proved that unexpected events are not always bad, in fact, they can change your life for the better. I was able to do things that I never dreamed of myself capable of. The journey continues.

If we are not improving, then we are not really going anywhere. We are standing at the same place, hoping for the destination to come to us, which is quite a far-fetched idea. FEA brings out the best in people – students or staff. It is trying to break the old system of teaching – students are just blank papers that teachers have to fill with knowledge. AT FEA, we believe that students have thinking brains, they just need to be motivated to think, to unleash their power of knowledge.

FEA has been that source of learning for me.

Sonia Gosain

FEA, Pul Prahladpur

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