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India graduates millions every year, but too few are fit to hire. (Wall Street Journal)

Giving disadvantaged youth a path to professional jobs

For young people preparing to enter the workplace we provide a free one-year intensive coaching program that dramatically changes their income potential and gives them access to higher paying professional jobs.

In the developing world the majority of students do not enjoy the benefits of a good quality education. Far too many young people reach the work place without adequate tools, knowledge and the mindset that would allow them to access and succeed in quality jobs. We believe that with effective tools and training, all people have the strength to improve their lives and the lives of those in their community.

Our intensive coaching program focuses on two principal areas:

a) Professional English skills, to international standards.

b) Non-cognitive skill development.

This includes developing critical thinking skills, grit, effective communication, goal setting, locus of control, dealing with uncertainty, drive, discipline, self-esteem, self-motivation, self-control, overcoming fear of failure, a growth mindset, being cooperative, patience, dealing with conflict productively and resilience.

The program is approximately 5 years old and has surmounted significant logistical challenges, as the platform evolved through a series of iterations. It is completely free of cost and we only ask students to commit to attendance and completion.

About 16,000 students come into our class rooms every day in batches of no more than 20 at a time and attend one session per day.

Each session is of one hour forty five minute duration and the students attend six days a week for fifty two weeks. Each session is split into three segments that include computer-based training, work-book based learning and activity-based learning.

275+ teachers staff our 150+ class rooms and these are spread out within a 100 mile radius of our staff training facility in New Delhi. Eight sessions are held at every classroom every day and each teacher conducts four sessions per day. Our teaching staff is mostly in their 20ís and for the majority of them it is their first job.

The teachers are supervised / assisted by managers, supervisors, mentors, student mobilizers, student evaluators, computer repair technicians, staff trainers, property managers, music based learning coaches, supplies delivery team, real estate scouts, housekeeping staff, etc.

While a formal multi-year evaluation of the impact of the program is yet to be completed, anecdotally program graduates report they have made significant progress in their education / career.

We invite collaborations in a wide area of work and interests. Write us at if you wish to explore and possibly join / assist the FEA project.


Deepak Chopra
Founder / CEO



Employment Opportunities
Volunteering  Opportunities


We encourage our employees to have fun! See pictures here.

We are actively hiring English Facilitators for our Free English Classes (Morning and Evening shifts). Click here for
Class locations.

We believe our employees are our most important asset and we invest in our employees!

In addition to an attractive salary package we provide intensive and ongoing training to employees, to help them develop their existing skills and to pick up significant new skills.

If you are good in spoken English and motivated to work with us please send your CV to

Contact: Reshana Usman, HR/Alumni Coordinator
Telephone: +91 95600 75249


Job seekers must never pay any fee or commission to anybody, including employment agencies for employment with FEA.



FEA is a non-denominational, charitable and secular organization.
Within these parameters we offer volunteering opportunities in the following areas:

  • Guest speaker to share your professional expertise
  • Community action
  • Communication skills, Soft skills, grooming, personality development
  • If you have been working for at least ten years in any particular field, please send us a brief description of your work experience.

  • If you are currently a student, please send us the address of the Institutions and a list of the courses you have attended in the last five years.

Our centers are dispersed over New Delhi, Mathura and Aligarh (Class locations) and you may choose locations that you are able to reach on your own. Email us at to get started.







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