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About Mentorship
Most students from low income backgrounds do not personally know educated successful adults, who would take the time to speak and guide them. Just one conversation per month with a group of mentees is generally adequate to motivate, help and move them along on their personally chosen path and graduate from FEA.

Mentors make a real difference just by taking an interest in the life of the mentee. Just being there for the mentee makes the mentee feel special.

Apart from scheduling and providing a brief profile no formal preparation is required on the part of the mentor. Mentors can provide a profile like the sample at the bottom or we can use your LinkedIn profile.

Skype Frequency and Commitment:
We recommend a one hour skype session about once a month to the same group of students for a total of five sessions with them. If you enjoy it, you are welcome to start the cycle again with a fresh group of students.

Initial skype session: Mentors introduce themselves, talks about where they grew up, where they went to school and college. Mentors can talk about their work interests and personal interests. Of special interest to students is the mentor’s journey – how they reached where they have in life.

During the first call, mentors may wish to ask and write down the name of each student, the student’s educational level and each student’s career aspirations.

Scheduling: To schedule the initial Skype call, pick from the following and advise us of a time and date that suits you and notify us at least 10 days in advance. Appointments are easily reschedulable.

Starting time of Skype call


FEA Class


Calif. Summer

Calif. Winter

NY Summer

NY Winter


7 am-8:45 am

7:15 am

6:45 pm previous day

5:45 pm previous day

9:45 pm previous day

8:45 pm previous day


8:45 am-10:30 am

9 am

8:30 pm previous day

7:30 pm previous day


10:30 pm previous day


10:45 am-12:30 pm

11 am

10:30 pm previous day

9:30 pm previous day




12:30 pm-2:10 pm

12:45 pm






2:30 pm- 4 pm

2:45 pm






4 pm-5:45 pm

4:15 pm



6:45 am same day

5:45 am same day


6 pm-7:45 pm

6:15 pm

5:45 am
same day

4:45 am
same day

8:45 am same day

7:45 am same day


7:45 pm-9:30 pm

8 pm

7:30 am
same day

6:30 am
same day

10:30 am same day

9:30 am same day

For subsequent calls: FEA will send you a reminder and a list of suggested talking points.

Ongoing:Mentors are encouraged to share their email ID and / or WhatsApp number, so mentees can connect individually. Mentors are welcome to visit their mentees in person during their travels.

Profile of some of our mentors: